Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

When you contemplate holiday events, consider them as ways to form new friendships and, perhaps, strengthen old bonds. Rather than having food or drink as the focus of the event, make it about people and relationship-building; enter each occasion intending to establish genuine connections. Additionally, there are always longstanding strained relationships, many of which have been seething for years.

staying clean and sober during the holidays

Coming to grips with the idea that sobriety is not instant heaven is an important step in recovery. Most people with addiction expect their upside-down world to immediately turn right side up. If you’ve been misusing alcohol or drugs for a while, your brain may need several months or even longer to set itself right.

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Did you struggle to excel at work or in your career because you were derailed by being under the influence? This is not an exercise in beating yourself up over past mistakes, but rather to remember why you made this change in your life and the life you are working to build for yourself. sober holidays 12-Step programs are a common part of addiction recovery. Many treatment programs utilize a 12-Step approach, and many of those recovering choose to attend meetings after they complete their treatment. Attending meetings can help individuals maintain their recovery…

staying clean and sober during the holidays

Think about the events coming up in the next few weeks. What situations could possibly set you on the road toward relapse? Make a plan now for how you will deal with these events; maybe you’ll go to some extra meetings before you travel, and plan to call your sponsor or a fellowship friend if anything does happen. Or maybe you’ll investigate online meetings now, before anything happens, so you can go to a meeting at a moment’s notice. Remember, it’s okay to retreat to an earlier Recovery Zone for a few weeks. For many of the reasons mentioned earlier, substance abuse tends to ramp up over the holidays.

A Christmas Gift with Hope Rehab Thailand

But since you’re not drinking, the holiday season can instead feel lonely and isolating if all you’re seeing is friends and family toasting with a big mug of eggnog . Take an honest look at upcoming holiday events and whether it’s healthy to attend. If you feel uncomfortable about a family dinner, that’s enough. Consider how these family dinners played out in the past. There is joy in the knowledge that you are reestablishing your own life. So, as you affirm your brand-new, clean, and sober self during this festive season, what better way than to create new holiday traditions?

Significant other about their addiction and getting treatment., Americans double their rate of drinking between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pyramid Healthcare is here to help you every step of the way.

Staying Clean and Sober at Christmas: The Best Tips and Coping Strategies for the Holiday Season

You may find it helpful to carefully plan each day of the holidays. Christmas is more manageable when you have a to-do list and a plan. If you are a member of a recovery group (e.g.AA,NA,SMART Recovery, orRefuge Recovery), it can be a great idea to go in some extra meetings at this time of year. And honestly, once you really start LIVING life, you realize how lame drinking is and how much of a waste of time it is. People get tripped up here- they think they are going to stop drinking and that’s the battle.

  • If you are a member of a recovery group (e.g.AA,NA,SMART Recovery, orRefuge Recovery), it can be a great idea to go in some extra meetings at this time of year.
  • When holiday stresses activate and exacerbate feelings, the temptation to cope with that stress by using substances increases.
  • Whether this is your first holiday season since discovering sobriety or your twentieth, this time of year can be a challenge.
  • Getting sober doesn’t mean life is instantly perfect.
  • Or ask us about our affordable self-pay plans.
  • For the addicted person and their family, more stress means more vulnerability.
  • Remember, right now your sobriety is a top priority.

Tequila is not going to chase me, and no one can force me to drink. I am responsible for taking care of myself and the smart thing for me to do is to separate myself from situations that could be challenging. The changeable nature of the season can be overwhelming. As you plan your days in November and December, begin with recovery support, whatever that looks like for you, as your priority. Those in a 12-Step program might commit to attending a meeting every day and asking a friend to come with you. Bookending a holiday celebration with phone calls to someone in your support group before and after could also be something you would want to do.

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